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Guitars, Drums, Effect pedals, Amps, keyboards LOCALLY MADE GUITARS!

Ashdown amps!
Ashdown, line 6, roland, peavey, marshall, fender amps!

We are buying keyboards all day and paying on the spot! We need more, so come see us soon.

The very best drum hardware selection!
Drum hardware, stands, thrones, accessories, pedals

So many drum kits in all price ranges and we have all the hardware, cymbals, and accessories you want too! 

Electric Guitars galore!

Stop by and  see our ever changing selection of electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, ukulele, mandolin, and more!


Music Go Round Greensboro is very excited to now offer guitars and basses produced by Talbert Instruments, made right here in Greensboro.  Stop by to check out an exclusive collection of instruments, including the Kestrel, Falcon, and Golden Eagle.  


SG amp
SG Amp
marching toms $199
marching toms $199
Looking for an amp?
So many snare drums!
Pro sound